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Client Spotlight: Solvd.

 21st Jun 2024

The stress and strain of daily business can make life chaotic. That is where Solvd. come in! We streamline your business with our bespoke Payroll & HR, Finance and Customer Experience outsourcing services.

We know we’re only as good as our team, so people are our priority. We need a recruitment partner who understands our values and culture and can promote the career opportunities and benefits working at Solvd. which is why we use Wilkinson and Associates.

Outsourcing is increasingly popular and lets organisations delegate their back-office business processes to a third-party provider. Benefits include reduced costs and resources making room for growth and more. It also provides businesses access to experts while Solvd. takes care of training, overhead and recruitment costs. It is vital therefore that Solvd. have the right people to deliver.

Our Payroll & HR team offer a robust and dependable service paying over 20,000 people per month to an accuracy rate of over 99% with some of the most complex terms and conditions and industry requirements. Managing bespoke HR processes such onboarding, absence management, policies and more, allowing customers to streamline their Payroll & HR activities. Drawing from our team’s extensive experience as Payroll & HR providers we customise our approach to meet specific needs. 

A reliable provider is vital for maintaining a content workforce, so when businesses choose Solvd. they are guaranteed comprehensive end-to-end outsourced payroll & HR solutions.

Solvd.’s Finance team can transform the running of businesses. Large or small, our team adapts to the business needs and a dedicated account manager creates bespoke solutions, so financial needs are managed. The team provides business processing services across Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Credit Control, Treasury and Financial Analysis.

Our vibrant Customer Experience team provide rapid resolutions with a human touch; responding to over 50,000 customers each and every month. Available seven days per week, our team of dedicated customer experience specialists provide seamless support and assistance to a diverse clientele throughout the UK. From basic inquiries to intricate compensation claims, our agents handle a wide spectrum of requests.

For all services Solvd. provide first class stakeholder management focusing on 5 key areas:

  • Our People – creating a culture where everyone can thrive
  • Communication – multiple channels and opportunities for feedback
  • Structure – regular touchpoints with robust monitoring
  • Quality – focusing on management metrics and KPIs
  • Experience – tried and tested methods to trim the fat from business practices

With customers at the heart of our delivery, a big focus for us is Quality Management, and we were delighted to have achieved ISO9001 Certification in 2024 demonstrating our ongoing commitment to delivering high quality services and products for our customers.

We’ve cut our teeth in the complicated Transport sector, but our bespoke packages are suitable for a wide variety of businesses and sectors, and our experience means we are ready for anything!

Find out more about Solvd. here.

Valerie Mitchell

Managing Director @ Solvd


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