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Interim Opportunities

The interim market is one of constant change and evolution. It provides fantastic opportunities to enhance CVs, build different experience and exposure, and recruitment processes typically move at pace. Roles come up at short notice and candidates are usually expected to start quickly.

The W&A interim team are used to partnering candidates through the recruitment process to secure offers, but thereafter there are often additional requirements around pre-employment screening, compliance and different administration aspects associated with the interim mechanism under which you are engaged. Having the right support through these more administrative stages can be vital in moving from offer stage through to getting started, and our experienced team are well placed to assist.

The relationship between the agency and the contractor does not end at the point of the engagement starting. Our experienced consultants will work with you throughout the period of the engagement, providing continued support and guidance and acting as a go-between with the client on issues such as performance monitoring, contract extension negotiation or sometimes simply just lending a listening ear. We will pro-actively assist you in identifying potential future opportunities for when your current engagement ends, allowing you to fully focus on performing the engagement to the best of your abilities.

There are 3 primary mechanisms in which an organisation may seek to engage a contractor supplied by W&A and the end client will typically determine which mechanism they wish to engage under.

  1. Fixed-term Contractor. In this instance, the contractor will be recruited for a fixed-term period and become an employee of the organisation for the duration of the contract. You will agree on a contract of employment and go onto the payroll of the organisation, be subject to PAYE, and the employer will undertake all pre-employment screening.
  2. Inside IR35 Day Rate Contractor. Essentially the nature of the work undertaken as part of the interim services offered by a contractor in this instance have been deemed similar to those offered by an employee and are to be taxed as such. In this scenario, W&A will work with you to help secure your offer and thereafter you will select an FSCA approved umbrella company. The umbrella company essentially fulfils the role of ‘employer’ and will ensure the correct deductions are made through PAYE in terms of income tax and National Insurance (both employer’s and employee’s). These are made in line with a permanent employee. The umbrella company takes care of all the payroll aspects, at a small cost, and in this scenario, W&A are deemed to be the employment agency. As such, we will continue to act as an intermediary between contractor and end client and in the majority of cases will work directly with you, to undertake all aspects of your pre-employment checks and referencing. W&A currently have a list of pre-approved FCSA accredited umbrella providers we work with regularly so anyone entering into any such arrangement can do so safe in the knowledge they are being provided with a quality, compliant service.
  3. Outside IR35 Day Rate Contractor. In this scenario the contractor is deemed to be operating as a contractor/service provider, often delivering a specific piece of work or service. If determined as outside IR35, this allows you to be paid through a limited company and may necessitate a Statement of Work detailing project deliverables and timelines, therefore ensuring that the relationship between contractor and client is one of a “Contract for Services” and not a “Contract of Employment”. In this scenario you, the contractor, have the responsibility of ensuring that you are paying the correct amount of NI and tax on the monies received for your work, and you are not subject to PAYE by the contracted employer. W&A is deemed to be the employment agency and will work closely with you to secure your offer, will usually undertake any pre-employment checks and referencing and continue to act as an intermediary between the end client and the contractor. In this instance, we recommend individuals who enter such an agreement engage an experienced Accountant to manage your tax affairs.

We work closely with all our contractors to ensure you have the opportunity to select the best and most efficient contracting solutions available and will partner you through the full recruitment cycle to ensure you are able to get started as soon as you are ready and required.