PROFESSIONAL SERVICES RECRUITMENT - The best appointment you'll make

The Consultation

At W&A we love to listen and view an initial consultation as an essential part of a future partnership with you. The more we understand about you and what you like, or dislike, the more we can help. Let's talk options, explore ideas and swap stories. Use our experience and knowledge to help, we are happy to share.

When considering a change, it is likely some or all of these factors will form part of your thought process.


Company – the industry sector, what stage of its journey is the organisation at currently and what are its plans, its culture, working arrangements, reputation and values




Role – what would you be doing day to day in the position, what would you be learning, which direction might this take you, and the balance of the role and its responsibilities



People – we spend a lot of time at work so it is crucial to work with like-minded people, people you can learn from, develop with and be part of a culture in which you can succeed



Prospects – does the role and the organisation help you develop and will it be both enjoyable and fulfilling, helping take you an important step forward in your chosen career path


Remuneration – it is important to feel valued and rewarded in line with what you are looking for and want to achieve.

Aspects like work and life balance are hugely important and it is vital to consider remuneration on both a short and long term basis.



We pride ourselves on transparency and a long term view and investing in a career consultation is not a commitment to change, merely a discussion around options. Discretion is assured, reflection is recommended and we are happy to assist further if and when you are ready, whatever stage of the thought process you may be at.