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Interviews remain a key component of securing any role. At W&A we are experienced in advising candidates how to get the most out of an interview, offering tailored interview advice, guidance and support.

The very mention of an interview can strike fear into the most seasoned of jobseeker but in reality, there is no need to worry about them, they are simply a future employer keen to understand more about your skills, experience, career journey, aspirations and motivations to make a change.

Preparation for an interview is key and with good preparation tends to come good performance. Whether it is meeting in person, or over a video call,  we believe there are some simple principles that can help focus your preparations and leave the best possible overall impression.







  • The Organisation – research the organisation you are interviewing for, what the company does, its performance, values and culture. Information like this is readily available and most importantly consider why this setting would be a good match for you.
  • Reflect on who you are – look back through your CV, think specifically of what you did and when, elaborating on specific details where appropriate. Where possible consider what is most relevant  in conjunction with the opportunity
  • Embrace the gaps in your skills and experience – it is inevitable they will exist, instead think more about how you could bridge these gaps and demonstrate quick learning, flexibility and adaptability
  • Study roles specifications, seek out additional information on the role you are interviewing for, work out the key responsibilities the hiring manager is looking for, the transferrable skills they need and take note of any role competencies
  • Competencies – prepare examples of core competencies, be specific, be detailed but moreover take credit where credit is due, detail achievements, both quantitative and qualitative and talk about “me” and “I”, not “we”
  • Use the STAR principle when offering examples      
    • Situation – Give context to the example. What were the circumstances? What was the challenge?
    • Task – What was the task at hand? Put simply, what was the objective and what had to be done?
    • Action – What actions (thought processes and practical steps) did you take and consider to achieve the ‘Task’?
    • Results – What was the outcome? What were the tangible outputs / lasting benefits and learnings?
  • Questions – interviews should be a 2-way discussion. Ask for information to help understand more about the opportunity but be prepared you may also be judged on your question content.
  • Motivation to Move – It is important to stay positive on your reasons to change role, avoiding negativity on your current situation, and ensure your motivations to move and what you are looking for align with the opportunity
  • Energy and Positivity - Make sure you bring both, these are infectious and an interviewer will be drawn to them

Every interview is slightly different but we work closely with our candidates to ensure they have the best preparation in each scenario. Achieving the best possible interview outcome every time.