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The Biggest Challenges To Recruiting And How To Overcome Them

 6th Oct 2023

Recruiting the best talent can be a challenging process at times, particularly given the high demand for skilled candidates. Companies must navigate a variety of obstacles to identify and attract top talent, from a competitive job market to shifting industry trends and evolving candidate expectations.

Below we list the most common recruiting challenges and tips on how to overcome them:

  1. Poor Candidate Experience

Poor candidate experience can have a significant impact on your brand image and reputation. A candidate who has a negative experience during the recruitment process is more likely to reject a job offer and tell others. Conversely, positive candidate experiences can enhance your employer brand and encourage good candidates to apply and accept your job offers.


Aim to have the best possible communication with candidates through personalised contact during each stage of the process. This applies just as much to candidates who are not right for a role.

  1. Attracting And Engaging Qualified Candidates

Perhaps one of the most pervasive challenges in recruitment is the scarcity of qualified candidates. Many industries are experiencing a shortage of skilled professionals, making it difficult to find the right fit for open positions.


Engaging job descriptions with relevant keywords and job titles are essential. Try to build relationships with potential candidates ahead of the recruitment process so you already have an open dialogue and contact. Improving screening tools can help to better match candidates to your business.

  1. Long Hiring Processes

When you’re hiring talent, slow, inefficient processes can also mean losing the best candidates to the competition.


Speed up your time to hire by reviewing your hiring tools and processes. That means looking at every step in your process to determine whether it’s needed or whether it could be achieved more efficiently. Instil autonomy in and empower your hiring managers so the new hires don’t need to be ratified by multiple layers of senior management.

  1. High Competition

In today's competitive job market, top talent is often in high demand. Candidates will often have multiple offers if they are active in the job market and there is also the possibility they will receive a counteroffer from their current firm.


To stand out in a competitive market, companies must work on their brand, emphasize their unique selling points and create an appealing workplace culture. Highlighting the company's mission, values, and opportunities for growth can help candidates see the long-term benefits of joining your organisation – all of this starts at the candidate application stage! Additionally, offering a competitive salary package and other benefits such as flexibility or remote work can make your job offer more enticing.

  1. Recruiting Fairly

Building a diverse workforce is essential for innovation and success, but many organisations struggle to achieve diversity in their hiring.


Examine your recruitment process for any potential biases and make necessary adjustments. Explore diverse recruitment channels, including job boards and organisations dedicated to underrepresented groups. Provide diversity and inclusion training to your team to foster a more inclusive workplace.

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