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 10th Aug 2022


Unfortunately, in the current climate, it is likely that we will see the number of people being made redundant start to increase.

There is no doubt that it is a challenging time emotionally and hard to process if you never saw it coming.

If this is something you are currently facing:


  • Try hard not to take it to heart or too personally, it is the role that is being made redundant and this happens to most people at some stage of their career.


  • This CAN be turned into something positive. Give yourself some time out to deal with those initial feelings if you need to and then start thinking about the future opportunities out there for you.


  • When you feel ready, contact a trusted recruitment consultant and start your search. Start out tentatively and work with specialists in your field. 


  • Remember, it is something that we deal with every day when we are registering new candidates, sometimes working with people who have had to face this stressful situation multiple times over the course of their career…so you can expect an empathetic listener.


  • You do not have to immediately know what you want to do. We are ready to coach you through the next part and let you know what the market is looking like and potential options to explore.


  • Take some time to update your CV, but also use your recruiter for guidance on how to improve it and tailor it for specific roles. This is a free of charge service.


  • Now that you are immediately available, or available at short notice, you have the option of entering either the permanent or contract market (or taking on a contract role that could turn permanent). So, your field of search is wider. Chat to your recruiter about how the contract market works (fixed term, day rate etc.) and how to balance searching in both markets.


  • Take time to get your LinkedIn profile up to date and ensure that it matches your CV as this is increasingly viewed by Hiring Managers.


  • Try not to become too consumed by your job search. It is an important factor in your life that requires attention just now but also try to make time for your own wellbeing, as you would when you are working. Balance is key.


Written by Andrea Green


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