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Signs that it’s time to change jobs

 15th Jun 2022

Deciding to change jobs is a significant moment in your professional career. What you want from your career at one stage in your life may evolve as you learn new skills or as your personal priorities change.  

How can you tell if you’re ready to change your job? Here are a few signs that the time to make your move is now. 

1. Unhealthy work environment 

An unhealthy work environment has implications for your professional and personal happiness as well as your mental health and wellbeing. Examples of an unhealthy work environment include punitive and controlling management practices, ineffective communication and long hours with no work-life balance.  

In 2019 and 2020, around 828,000 people in the UK said that they were suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety, according to results from Health and Safety Executive. If the thought of your job is giving you restless nights, headaches and other physical symptoms of stress, these can be signs that your job or working environment is unhealthy. 

It is normal to have the odd stressful day at work, but if internal conflict is regularly making you feel down, making a move could be the best option. 

2. Your values are not aligned with those of the organisation 

If your personal values are not aligned to your organisation, it is likely an indicator that you need to leave. You may have recently felt a change in the company culture, perhaps some of the recent strategic or commercial decisions don’t sit well with you? 

A lack of shared values can be a powerful motivator for changing roles. If this sounds like you, it might be time to start looking around for a new company that you can really believe in. 

3. You’re not being challenged  

Feeling stagnant at work is one of the most common reasons people look for new roles. Sometimes no matter how much you like the company or your co-workers, the role itself is not challenging enough or allowing you to develop new skills.  

Your employer may simply not have the resources to be able to develop you adequately, and sometimes what your career needs is the sort of change that only a job switch can provide. Staying in a role that you’ve grown out of, out of a sense of loyalty or reluctance to change, could become a demotivating experience in the longer term. 

4. Advancement doesn’t seem likely 

Is your employer investing in you and your career goals? It's human nature to want to progress and move forward in a role. If that's not happening and there are no signs of a promotion happening in the near future, you've got a problem. It might be worth looking elsewhere to see what other opportunities are available to you. 

5. Your skills don’t match up to your interests 

When you are interested in work, it creates a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment. Though it’s not always easy to make it happen, it’s natural to want to align your personal interests with your career. 

Doing so often results in higher rates of productivity, improved outcomes and sometimes a feeling that you are not even working at all. Without this, work can feel dull and more like a job than a career. If you don't feel excited about your work or the work your company is doing, consider looking for another position. 

6. You don’t feel valued 

When you don't feel your input is valued, then your work can become less fulfilling. If you do not feel your contributions at work are important, recognized, and respected, you might want to consider moving on.  

Additionally, being under-compensated can reflect a mismatch between what you and the company perceive to be your value and growth potential. If you feel you are under-compensated you should explore your external options as staying in this situation will only lead to further frustration or resentment. 

If you’re experiencing any of the above warning signs and are thinking of moving on, get in contact with one of our expert recruitment consultants for a confidential chat about the career options available to you. 

Written by Nathalie Smyth


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