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Julia is off to Dubai…

Julia is off to Dubai…

February 25 2014

The title has probably given the topic of this post away, but as some of you may know I am sadly moving on from Wilkinson & Associates at the end of this week to join my husband who has recently started a new job in Dubai.  It goes without saying that my time in the company has been amazing.  I have been lucky enough to work alongside both Gillian and Andrea on the contract desk, meet many of our great candidates and clients, and organize/attend many of our events.  I even allowed Ian to use the image above of me dressed as a jockey (taken on my Hen Night!) for our advert at the annual races event this year.

To fill the gap that my departure will leave on the Contractors desk we now have Aisling Burke and Mairianne Kpedekpo working alongside Gillian-May Stewart on the contract desk.  Gillian and Mairianne will be job sharing (Gillian – Monday, Tuesday and Friday/ Mairianne – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) with Aisling in the office full time.

After the last couple of months rushing around co-ordinating movers, sorting out paperwork and commuting from Dundee (definitely not sorry to see the back of the 6.58am train!), I am looking forward to putting my feet up, temporarily, in the sun but I will miss the colleagues, candidates and clients who I have had the privilege of working with over the last couple of years.

Best wishes!


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